Top 10 Mastermind Groups

Most people dream of owning a successful business but sometimes the challenges seem to be too many. Drawing inspiration from others who have made it in the business world is, therefore, necessary and that’s where Mastermind Groups come in. Although creating such groups requires extensive knowledge of marketing mechanics and resources to implement on advanced sales strategies, those groups offer a lot of insight that you can use for your business. They are groups that consist of those who are considered to be leaders in the different industries they operate in.

Mastermind Groups comprise of people who are in the business world and they usually network with others through different channels that include personal meetings or through social media platforms. The groups can, therefore, be great avenues for closing business deals or just networking with other business owners.

1. War room masterminds

Founded by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher, this group is known for organizing some of the biggest business conferences in the world. The group consists of some famous people with some choosing to remain anonymous and others exposing themselves. The executive members of this group have a private social network and they communicate through different modes including templates and checklists. The group is only suitable for those who have had experience in running their business and know how to network and create partnerships. If you’re starting as an entrepreneur it’s better to look into any of the other groups below.

2. Genius network

The Genius Network by Joe Polish is one of the top mastermind groups that is made of people who are some of the top earners in the business sectors they are in. Joe Polish is known as a marketer and his team is known to have people who are always striving to take their businesses to the next level. The events organized by this group are usually geared towards sharing results that are transformational and can be implemented in businesses as well as personal lives.

3. Inner circle

Having been founded by Russell Brunson who is considered to be a marketing icon, the Inner Circle mastermind group is more ideal for those in the digital space. If you have a business online and are mostly dealing with product information, then this group will be very helpful to you. Brunson works with other people to give one on one discussions and solutions to some of the common problems. Richard Brunson came up with clickfunnels and has already built a good reputation.

4. Organized brilliance

If your business is in the real estate sector, you’ll greatly benefit from this group. They mostly focus on the real estate sector and have been known to help their members scale their businesses to higher levels. They help business owners get to the top of their areas by sharing the skills and knowledge that the founders have. The group was created by Dean Graziosi and Matt Larson who are both brilliant in this field. They have the experience and the expertise that they have used to drive their businesses to the top and they share the same with those in the group.

5. Platinum mastermind

If you’ve ever heard about the founder of this mastermind group then you probably know about this formula. Jeff Walker is mostly known for the formula he created for launching products digitally. The formula contains secrets and methods that are effective and it has been used by many people to reap benefits. This mastermind group doesn’t just focus on digital product launch, it also focuses on personal development. Joining will, therefore, help you become more successful in your business as well as in your individual growth.

6. Entrepreneur’s organization

Although they only have 13,000 entrepreneurs, this group is very popular across different business industries. Their discussions usually cover business and personal lives and they also show how to properly balance the two to maintain a healthier lifestyle. The group was founded by Verne Harnish and when compared to others, it is easier to join. It has been around for a long time and membership doesn’t require a lot of money.

7. Business network international

With over 250,000 members across the globe, this mastermind group is known as the largest group. They have different ways through which they interact with others such as through events, online platforms, and chapters. Not only do they have a community, but they also have mentorship programs that are beneficial to business owners. The group was founded by Dr. Ivan Misner and Carolyn Denny and has had the largest number of referrals as well as profits. A large number of members creates room for diversity and provides a platform that you can use to close many business deals. By joining this group you’ll have tremendous growth and even forge some partnerships that will take your business to greater heights.

8. Greatness mastermind

Lewis Howes is a renowned author who has managed to build a great network to become of the best mastermind groups. He has shown that his methods are effective and through this group, he provides a platform for business owners to meet with like-minded people to share ideas. The group is mostly ideal for millennials because of their methods that mostly focus on social media use. It is one of the few mastermind groups that resonate with millennials. Although it is fairly new, it is believed to have some great potential that will place it at the top ranking of mastermind groups.

9. Young President’s organization

This group was started in 1950 and has become one of the most reputable mastermind groups across the world. It currently has more than 27000 CEOs and attendance is dually done on an invite-only basis. They usually have a corporate setting but they also organize events with some of the well-known business owners like Richard Branson being invited. The group was founded by Ray Hickock and it remains one of the most exclusive but rewarding groups.

10. CEO Bootcamp

This mastermind group was founded by Verne Harnish in 2017 and has become one of the most successful masterminds. The group usually consist of up to 7 business owners who are given a chance to meet with Harnish and have one on one sessions in a tropical setting. The retreats allow the other CEOs to have a well-structured discussion with Harnish for four days. Whatever problem you may be facing in your business, this mastermind group will most likely give you the solution.


Whether you have already built your empire or are just starting, these mastermind groups will benefit you. They will allow you to form partnerships that will lead to the expansion of your business and bring you more profitability.

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