About Tony Robbins

From Oprah to Bill Clinton, popular author and coach, Tony Robbins, has coached famous and influential people around the world. On top of that, he has inspired a lot of people and motivated many through his five best-selling books as well as self-help seminars. He has amassed a lot of wealth through these seminars, with his worth estimated to be at least $440 million.

Facts about Celebrity Coach, Tony Robbins (Who is Tony Robbins?)

  • Tony Robbins was born in 1960 and came from a humble background. His father, who happened to be a former player in the minor league baseball league, worked as a salesperson and struggled to sustain his family financially. The family couldn’t afford to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving
  • Robins had already decided to chase riches at a young age. His motivation was to get rich to help people in need. He made his 1st million at the age of 24. Later, he released his first book titled Unlimited Power.
  • He has coached influential people, including Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Paul Tudor Jones.
  • He has a seminar named “Date with Destiny” that costs $5,000 per person
  • He lives in Palm Beach in a house with a 165,000-gallon infinity pool. He also owns homes in California, Palm Springs, Idaho, Sun Valley, Idaho, and in a small town in Columbia where his wife, sage, grew in.
  • Robbins is known for his high-energy seminars, and he finds comfort in taking cold plunges in ice baths. He says the ice baths help him recover from intensities of his seminars. Robbins also avoids caffeine, alcohol, chicken, and red meat
  • He travels exclusively by private jet
  • Robbins has a foundation called the Anthony Robbins Foundation that feeds over four million people during holidays every year. He provides water to over 100,000 Indians, and also provide his tapes and books to prisoners

Now let’s talk about his background, career, and his latest course in greater depth;

Tony Robbins’ Early Childhood and Background

Born in 1960 in North Hollywood, California, Tony Robbins, whose birth name is Anthony J. Mahavoric, is the firstborn among the three children of his family. His parents, John Mohorovic and Nikki Robbins got divorced when Robbins was seven years old.

After his parents got divorced, Robbins stayed with her mother, who later remarried Jim Robbins. Tony adopted his stepfather’s surname, Robbins’ when he was 12 years when he was legally adopted.

He is an American and English in his ethnicity, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. While schooling in Glendora High School, Robbins was elected as the president of the student body while in his final year in school. Unfortunately, Robbins did not proceed with his formal education past high school.

During his early life, Robin rented a cheap apartment in LA. He left his stepfather’s home at the age of 17 and never returned back. He worked as a janitor in his early years.

Robbins Career

Robbins began his career by working with Jim Rohn. Jim was a motivational author and speaker, as well as an entrepreneur. He was promoting Rohn’s motivational seminar.

Rohn taught him a valuable lesson- that success and happiness should never be based on how much a person has got, but the available resources one has in their life. This inspired Robins, and he began his life coaching career.

After getting trained by the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NPL), he started teaching at NPL, and in 1983, he learned how to firewalk from the father of the global firewalking movement, Tolly Burkman. He began to integrate these teachings into his seminars.

His career as a performance coach began to skyrocket when he started offering his books and TV infomercials for sale. He gained a lot of popularity as a peak performance coach.

He published his first major book titled Unlimited Power in 1987. It deals with topics on health and energy, persuasive communication, overcoming fears, and enhancing personal relationships. This book went on to become a bestseller in America, but its originality was highly disputed.

Robbins published his next book in 1991, which he titled Awaken the Giant Within. He used “Neuro-Associative Conditioning’ to try and explain personal development techniques. This book was followed by two others titled Giant Steps, which was published in 1994 and Notes From A Friend, published in 1995.

Another development worth mentioning was the launching of the Anthony Robbins Foundation in 1991, which was aimed to empower students and prisoners through learning materials based on Robbins’ teachings as well as food supplies.

He used his popularity, which he had gained through TV infomercials and books to popularize his seminar labeled Leadership Academy. These seminars became a success that he got featured as a speaker on a seminar tour that was sponsored by Learning Annex.

He also got featured as a speaker at the 2007 TED conference thanks to his reputation as a self-help speaker. His talks rose to the top 6 most-watched TED talks by 2012.

Robins founded the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, which deals with personal and organizational psychology. He also holds seminars, including his 4-day, Unleash the Power Within Seminar, as well as Mastery University.

Robbins also featured in The Singularity IS Near in 2010. He also had cameo appearances in movies such as Reality Bites, Shallow Hal, Men In Black, etc.

Robbins got his reality show ‘Breakthrough featured on NBC, but the show got canceled shortly because of low viewership. It was later picked by the Own Network.

Major Work

Unleash the Power Within remains the most prominent work of Robbins’ career. The four-day seminar talks about how successful people overcome their fears.

His other successful project is the Mastery University.

His Personal Life

Robbins has married twice with his current wife being Bonnie Robbins nee Humphrey. The couple got engaged in 2001. Although they had a number of scandals, they are now happily married together. They have no child to date.

Earlier, Robbins had married Rebecca Jenkins (Becky). They had three children together, whom Robbins adopted. However, they got divorced after 14 years of marriage. Robbins also has a son with former girlfriend Liz Acosta.

Tony Robbins Newest Course- Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Tony Robbins teamed up with Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson to come up with a different guide that teaches people how to profit from their hobbies, passion, skill, and knowledge. They titled this course Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB).

This course is for people who want to create and run impactful masterminds that revolve around their skills and area of expertise.

What’s more, you are also given access to a special software called MindMint software that allows you to implement what you learn in this course. This software allows people to get astonishing results as it enables you to organize your skills into a course that you can sell to people.

With MindMint software, you will be able to hold promotional events to showcase your course and also create sales funnel to increase conversion.

The aim of creating this course is that people need DFY processes and step-by-step guidelines on how to set up their businesses and get them selling fast. This is the reason why Tony created this course. The three authors combined their 60+ years of experience in the industry to create this mastermind.

No matter the little skill or expertise you have or even the experience you have in a business, you can create a training program to teach other people about solving a problem using that skill or experience. And Knowledge Broker Blueprint is what enables you to organize your thoughts and ideas into a course.

This world-class combination of education and software is completely new and one of its kind. Paired with MindMint software, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint allows one to start and scale a course and make it highly profitable. You will learn everything about starting a highly profitable mastermind, workshop, community, or a group, from gathering ideas and organizing them into a course to gathering your audience and walking them down the sales funnel to purchase your course. In other words, it is a complete course for anyone who is looking to profit from their skills and expertise.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is one of the highly demanded courses made by Dean or Tony. It is gathering popularity, and many people are eagerly waiting for its launch.

Bottom Line

As you have seen, Tony Robbins is one of the most influential people in America and around the world. He began from a humble background but didn’t allow the limiting background to prevent him from rising and achieving his full potential.

Robbins is known for his energetic talks and motivating seminars. He impacts knowledge, energy, and inspiration by working as a life coach. Having coached some of the most influential people in the world, it is clear that Robbins is a trusted and reputable coach.

If you are yet to use any of his work or read his books, don’t let this opportunity pass. His newest release, Knowledge Broker Blueprint, will open up your eyes about how to monetize your skill or expertise. Written by three great minds, Knowledge Broker Blueprint will definitely impart knowledge and teach you about starting a business around your skill or area of expertise. This is a course you cannot afford to miss out on!

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